Welcome Autumn!

Local favorite Nic Mancini was our guest speaker for the September 14 meeting at Gallaher Mansion/Cranbury Park 1:30pm. Nic gave us terrific insight on how to prepare our gardens for next spring!Nick Mancini pic

April meeting: Bees and Honey!

Connecticut’s BImage result for bees and honey cartooneekeeping expert Winthrop Baum of Backyard Beekeepers The BeemanAssociation was our April guest speaker!  He enlightened us with amazing facts about honeybees!  Did you know that honeybees account for 80% of all insect pollination?

In May, we will have our annual planting of the Norwalk Green with geraniums and ageratums in preparation for the Memorial Day Parade.

March meeting: Foundation gardens!

As we prepare for spring, the Garden Club is hosting landscape designer Kathleen Connolly to discuss “Foundation Gardens:  Hidden Assets in the Landscape”.  The public is welcome to join us
Wednesday, March 9, 1:30, at the Gallaher Mansion in Cranbury Park to hear Kathy provide ways to improve the appearance of gardens that border our homes. Image result for shrub and house

Jeff Eleveld, the Plant Guy at 1/13/16 meeting!

Join us at 1:30 to hear Jeff Eleveld discuss indoor plants that remove toxins from the air.  Jeff is a Certified Horticulture Therapist, a bonsai enthusiast and plant collector with over 300 plants in his personal collection. He has written articles for the Hartford Courant, The Green Thumb Print, and Knox Park Foundation. He provides horticulture workshops to over 1250 people each month in assisted living, senior centers, skilled nursing homes, libraries, garden clubs, and hospitals across CT, Mass, RI, and Eastern New York.

Evelyn as Mrs. Santa - 2015 Christmas Fair!

Evelyn as Mrs. Santa – 2015 Christmas Fair!

Thanks to all who visited our Christmas Fair! It was wonderful to see you, and we truly appreciate your patronage.  Preparations are now underway for our December 2016 Craft Fair!  We hope you had a Merry Christmas and best wishes in this New Year.


Scholarship Award

July 2015:  The Norwalk Garden Club has awarded Amanda Turner, from Norwalk High School, a $1,000.00 scholarship.  Amanda will be a freshman attending Delaware University and will be majoring in Environmental Science/Botany.   2015Scholarship

Pictured from left:  Janet Valus (Scholarship Committee); Amanda Turner; Mrs. Turner; and Jan Broome, President. Not pictured is Barbara Thompson (Scholarship Committee).

Recent Events!

Twombly_2015BettyU<<<  June 19th visit to Twombly Nursery in Monroe, CT for our  year-end meeting and tour of beautiful grounds and excellent selection of plants!

Below: Norwalk Public Library plantings NorPubLib2015






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Colonial Herb Garden gets planted at Mill Hill Historic Park (East Wall Street, Norwalk CT)Millhill2015plntg








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Annual Plant Sale – held Saturday June 6 in the parking lot of the Human Resource building at the corner of East Wall and Park Streets.  Had a terrific selection of backyard divisions and herb plantings to pick from! 

Plantsale 2015crowdPlantsale 2015betsy_paula






Plantsale 2015jmiller







Lockwood Matthews Planters – June 2015

lockwood2015 planter

lockwood2015 1lockwood2015 jan_rolockwood2015 2

2015 – Caring for Orchids!

J & L Orchids of Easton CT, made a presentation entitled “Maintaining Orchids in the Home” at the January meeting of the Norwalk Garden Club. Some of the tips for caring for orchids were:

1. The best window for orchid care is the East, secondly the Southern. The orchid itself will determine what need it has for sun or shade. Read instructions on plant pot

2. Overwatering kills most orchids. Usually once a week is sufficient unless plant needs to be in very sunny Southern location. Feel the moisture content in the pot to test.

3. Many people place an ice cube in the pot and it seems to work. The J & L expert did not encourage this practice since orchids are tropical in nature. Better: tepid water.

4. Fertilize the orchid plant every two weeks, usually with 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer. Most blooms last from six to eight weeks with Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis the most popular grown for their beautiful blooms and re-blooming possibilities.

5. For questions or more information, visit www.norwalkgardenclub.com, or email jlorchid@snet.net