Federated Garden Club projects


Jacqueline Connell, President of Federated Garden Clubs of CT, has a new challenge for us to Bee Kind to Pollinators, Plant Natives, and Create Backyard Habitats. As Jacqueline puts it:

“Our pollinators need your help! Over the next two years we want to raise the consciousness of our members about the plight of pollinators of all types and what we as gardeners can do to help them. We want to encourage members to plant natives to attract pollinators and design landscapes to nurture them. We call on all CT Clubs to further these goals by sponsoring club programs and projects to promote pollinators, natives and habitats. For more information, please click here.”  Our club member Gail S. created a certified backyard habitat several years ago, and maintains it beautifully! (photo from Gail’s garden above- click on photo to enlarge)