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Autumn is here!

fallarrangementAutumn Gardening Chores:  Zone 6     

  • Set out cool-weather vegetable transplants, including salad greens, broccoli, kale and cabbage.  Continue to harvest available vegetable to stretch their season.
  • Sow seeds of fall veggies and annuals
  • Sow seeds of cool-weather herbs (chives, parsley)
  • Plant garlic and leeks
  • Plant winter pansies and fall annuals (calendula, dianthus, ornamental cabbage and kale)
  • Plant tag teams of perennials and spring-blooming bulbs that will complement each other or bloom in sequence next season.  Divide & transplant bearded iris.
  • As tops die back, harvest potatoes, onions and garlic
  • Plant peonies
  • Plant fall-blooming bulbs to brighten up fading window boxes, planters and in drifts among ornamental grasses
  • Continue to harvest herbs, grasses and flowers for drying  NGC2017ASpot
  • Sprinkle compost starter to speed up composting for fall soil building
  • Prune summer-blooming shrubs (hydrangea, clethra, caryopteris) after flowers finish

Source: Backyard Gardener