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Pollinator-Friendly Pest Management featured at March meeting!

Bee_flowerJoin us March 11th for this talk by Pollinator Pathway consultant, Emily May, of the Xerces Society. Gardeners and homeowners can make a direct positive impact in supporting pollinators in their landscape. An important part of creating a safe oasis for pollinators is protecting these spaces from harmful pesticides. Currently, suburban yards and gardens receive more pesticides per acre than agricultural areas. Can the home gardener who wants to protect pollinators and have a landscape that looks good have it both ways? In this talk, Emily May (Pollinator Conservation Specialist, Pesticide Program, The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation) will discuss pollinator-friendly pest management and planting recommendations for backyards and gardens that reduce reliance on chemical inputs while maintaining attractive landscapes. (1:30pm, Senior Center, Allen Road in Norwalk)