2015 – Caring for Orchids!

J & L Orchids of Easton CT, made a presentation entitled “Maintaining Orchids in the Home” at the January meeting of the Norwalk Garden Club. Some of the tips for caring for orchids were:

1. The best window for orchid care is the East, secondly the Southern. The orchid itself will determine what need it has for sun or shade. Read instructions on plant pot

2. Overwatering kills most orchids. Usually once a week is sufficient unless plant needs to be in very sunny Southern location. Feel the moisture content in the pot to test.

3. Many people place an ice cube in the pot and it seems to work. The J & L expert did not encourage this practice since orchids are tropical in nature. Better: tepid water.

4. Fertilize the orchid plant every two weeks, usually with 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer. Most blooms last from six to eight weeks with Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis the most popular grown for their beautiful blooms and re-blooming possibilities.

5. For questions or more information, visitĀ www.norwalkgardenclub.com, or emailĀ jlorchid@snet.net